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    Armenia, known as the birthplace of the vine, is also the site of the oldest known winemaking ruins, dating back 6,100 years. At ArmAs Estate our winemaker has paid homage to this heritage, partaking in the Renaissance of Armenia's winemaking legacy by crafting award winning elegant wines that stem from one of our country's best natural resources, the idyllic terroir of the vine. This vibrantly golden textured wine comes from a
    late harvest selection of the native Kangun grape variety which thrives on the undulating terrain of ArmAs Estate, nestled in the valleys of Mounts Ararat, Aragats and Araler. The aromas of fresh ripe fruits, sweet apples, peaches, and pineapples, are highlighted with notes of vanilla. These sensations are echoed on the palate, complimented by light tannins to create a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness for this delightful wine.

    Volume: 500 ml
    Color: white
    Type: semisweet
    Alcohol: 13.5%
    Year: 2012
    Producer: "Golden Grape Armas"
    Produced in: Armenia

    Code: AMS115
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